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Governance and CSR Management

Governance Report

Intellectual Property Management System

Regarding intellectual property as an important and indispensable asset in the pursuit of its business strategy, the Hitachi Chemical Group has established three patent policies based on the principle of obtaining effective patents and actively utilizing them both in Japan and overseas in line with its business strategy. These policies are securing superiority in products and technologies, respecting other parties' patents, and dealing resolutely with patent right infringements. The Intellectual Property Strategy Center is responsible for central oversight of all intellectual properties owned by Hitachi Chemical Group.

Intellectual Property Management System

Intellectual Property Management System

Hitachi Chemical also runs a training program to raise awareness about intellectual property. The program is ongoing and extends to all employees of the Group.

Intellectual Property Educational Activities

Intellectual Property Educational Activities

Basic Policy

Acquisition and Active Utilization of Patents Inside and Outside Japan in Line with Business Strategy

Hitachi Chemical Group leverages intellectual property at the global level following integrated research & development and business strategies that include amassing and leveraging a global network of useful patents. This is done in line with research & development strategies formulated to fit the company’s business strategies by individual business units working in close concert with the company’s research & development and intellectual property functions.

Open and Close Strategy and Open Innovation

Hitachi Chemical Group is promoting Open Innovation activities geared toward early establishment and expansion of the businesses, as well as carrying out close analysis of the intellectual property owned by Group and other companies. Additionally, the Group is designing appropriate open/closed innovation strategies in line with its Business Design.

Patent Policy

Securing Superiority in Products and Technologies

We apply Patent Portfolio Management to each of our products and technologies. In the meantime, according to their development phases and market competitiveness, we are building a global patent network to protect and secure superiority of our technology and products.

Number of Patent Applications and Patents Held

Number of Patent Applications and Patents Held

Respecting Other Parties' Patents

By strengthening our patent search system and trained specialists, Hitachi Chemical researches other competitors’ technologies and products meticulously starting from their development stage so that we respect their intellectual property rights as well as to differentiate our intellectual property from them.

Dealing Resolutely with Patent Right Infringements

Hitachi Chemical actively pursues infringement of its patents in order to be able to maximize on the value of its intellectual property.

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