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Governance and CSR Management

Our Approach to CSR

CSR Medium-term Roadmap: Stage 1 (2004-2010)

Recognizing that CSR will be a cornerstone of management in the near future, the Hitachi Chemical Group formulated its CSR Medium-term Roadmap: Stage 1 (2004-2010) in fiscal 2004. Each fiscal year, under such slogans as “Becoming a corporate group that enjoys trust from society through trans-border contributions to improving human lives and natural environment” and “Becoming a vigorous and positive corporate group where all employees feel a sense of achievement”, we have been putting action plans in place, following which the entire Group has joined together in engaging in a variety of measures. Awareness of CSR has become spread widely among employees. In addition to making progress in building a foundation and organization for CSR, the Group has adopted a carbon management system as an environmental measure to reduce CO2 emissions. In the area of biodiversity, we have engaged in World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) activities to introduce methods for evaluating the impact of corporate activities on the ecosystem.

CSR Medium-term Roadmap: Stage 2 (2011-2015)

Under CSR Medium-term Roadmap: Stage 1, Hitachi Chemical made progress in environmental conservation and social contributions, but a few issues remained. These issues include for example consolidating the efforts of individual business divisions into Group-wide activities, and visualizing the outcomes of CSR activities. Following a review of the first stage, Hitachi Chemical launched its CSR Medium-term Roadmap: Stage 2 (2011-2015) in fiscal 2011. Working from the idea that business activity in itself is CSR, we formulated policies that combine business and CSR. We further advanced sustainable business in order to evolve into a corporate group that was competitive throughout the world.

Through to fiscal 2015, representatives from business and management divisions congregated in April of each year at the Group Environment and CSR Committee Meeting to determine medium-term key performance indicators, discussed achievements and challenges over the previous fiscal year, and declared their objectives for the coming fiscal year. This meeting served as an opportunity to clarify progress toward medium-term targets and aimed to achieve concrete examples of Hitachi Chemical Group Vision in action.

CSR Medium-term Roadmap: Stage 2 (2011-2015)

Integration of Business and CSR Medium-term Plan

In the past, the Hitachi Chemical Group reviewed the progress of CSR goals during the Group Environment and CSR Committee Meeting held every April. 2015 Medium-term Management Plan and CSR Medium-term Roadmap (Stage 2) both reached their final year in fiscal 2015. As part of the 2018 Medium-term Management Plan, in fiscal 2016, Hitachi Chemical took a step forward and began managing some of the CSR goals together with its business activity goals. The reason is that since the policy making was progressed based on our 10-year Strategy in anticipation of “where we want to be in ten years’ time,” the business and CSR were originally in a closely-tied relationship during their initial phase. Because of this, corporate social responsibility can only be fulfilled by realizing KPI linked to both sides, and only then can it lead to a path of sustainable growth.

The Hitachi Chemical Group has set its targets for example for CO2 emissions and the ratio of women in managerial positions for fiscal 2018 and reported on the status of these targets in the 2018 Medium-term Management Plan. Furthermore, in regard to individual activities that cannot completely be announced in the 2018 Medium-term Management Plan, we had our divisions draw up their own action plans and reviewed them during the Group Environment and CSR Committee Meeting. We will continue to fulfill our social responsibility by adequately addressing ESG issues as part of our core activities supporting innovation.

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