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Philosophy of Quality Assurance Activities

The Hitachi Chemical Group established its Quality Assurance Principles in 1988. Under these principles, we continually improve product quality in every stage, from design and development through effective assessment and testing using quality control techniques to test manufacturing and mass manufacturing.

Philosophy of Quality Assurance Activities

Operations of the Quality Management System

To put the Philosophy of Quality Assurance Activities into action, the Hitachi Chemical Group audits and improves its various processes on a continuous basis under the framework of the Quality Management System (QMS).

By introducing a standardized QMS to each product group at all its production sites and sections of its sales departments, we are striving to improve and maintain the level of our service to fit our customers’ increasingly global needs.

The affiliated bases in both Japan and overseas handle customers' quality demands pursuant to the management system and in compliance to the product/quality control standard that correspond to each product.

The purchasing division provides information on material quality and chemical substances being purchased throughout the world to the Development and Design Division and the Quality Assurance Division in a prompt manner. All divisions work closely together to supply safe, excellent quality products.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Management System

Initiatives for Ensuring Reliability and Improving Quality

To improve quality through assessment and testing, the Hitachi Chemical Group uses quality control methods tailored for the specific characteristics of products handled by the Development and Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance divisions.

For example, before mass producing any product, the Development and Design Division applies Quality Function Deployment and design Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) to verify that the product meets customer quality requirements and that quality can be maintained during mass manufacturing. Our manufacturing division makes use of Statistical Process Control and process FMEA to stabilize quality. At our Quality Assurance Division, we conduct audits to verify that the complete sequence of processes is conducted in conformity with the specifications agreed with customers.

Initiative Toward Customer Satisfaction

The Hitachi Chemical Group gathers customers’ product evaluation information and their intentions regarding future applications, and uses them to improve the quality of our products.

Sharing of quality information is being promoted by the introduction of quality information communication network that extends throughout the entire group companies, both Japan and overseas. This network is being utilized to carry out prompt action toward improving problems at each base or business division. The company introduces standardization by reviewing the form and by adding regulations specific to individual problems of each business division, so that it can more accurately convey problems that became clear through subdividing needs and diversifying usage development.

Furthermore, the company has continuously deployed its original e-learning program, serving as product liability enlightenment education toward employees involved with production, at all domestic and overseas production bases. A total of approximately 7,900 employees have participated in the program to date.

Flow for Quality Assurance Improvements

Management of Chemical Substances Used in Our Products

Hitachi Chemical has set up and been using an original framework for centralized management of safety information and handling information of chemical substances since 2011. Through this system, beyond just corresponding to laws/regulations in Japan, the company is also able to correspond to the chemical substance registration and substance volume report system in Korea and Taiwan. Furthermore, the company strengthened the control of used materials and of information on chemical substances included in the products by expanding the application of this system to newly reorganized Group companies.

Disclosing Product Environmental Information

The Hitachi Chemical Group strives to manage and disclose information on chemical substances included in its products in an appropriate manner. Standards relating to management of chemical substances in accordance with laws and regulations have been established and are put in place in the entire Group.

In fiscal 2017, in addition to implementing an application and registration development system for Europe, the Group standardized and renewed the response procedure for the chemical substance registration system that is interlinked with export controls in accordance with legislative amendments at all export destinations. The company has also standardized various in-house training programs and enhanced its training methods so that employees can attain expert knowledge required for chemical substance control and the latest legal regulatory trends. The training sessions were attended by 304 people.

FY 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Participants in chemical substances management training (persons) 710 374 400 460 304
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