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Social Report

Engagement with Stakeholders

Interactive Communication with Stakeholders

Hitachi Chemical has lively interactive communication with its stakeholders. Through this we aim to become aware of issues and implement measures to resolve them, thus earning the understanding of our stakeholders and appropriate valuations.

The results of our communication with stakeholders are shared with each department, and these results are actively utilized as suggestions toward our business operations. Amid society’s growing interest in the extent that improvements are made by corporations, by taking into account the opinions of stakeholders we will continue to improve and promote a type of structure that will utilize society’s opinions on a global scale in our business operations.

To us, information disclosure does not just mean releasing information in compliance with laws and regulations and the timely disclosure provisions of securities exchanges where our shares are listed. We believe that through proactive disclosure of nonfinancial information, including that dealing with environmental and social issues, we eliminate the risk that we might lose the trust of stakeholders. At the same time, we view it as an opportunity to create an organization brimming with vitality.

Relations with Stakeholders

Relations with Stakeholders

Stakeholders Main issues and goals Departments
that will serve
as a main counter
Primary form of communication
and performance
Shareholders / Investors
Reference: Information page for shareholders / investors
Through prompt and fair disclosure of information and high-quality communication, we strive to heighten our presence in the capital market and increase our corporate value. PR / IR /
Legal affairs
Disclosing information through
the Company's website
Hosting of shareholders' meeting
Hosting of financial results briefings
Visiting overseas investment agents
Handling of interviews with investors and analysts
Incorporation into ESG investment
Customers / Trading partners
Reference: Material procurement page
Technology development page
We aim for the development of next-generation technologies and the steady supply of reliable products through good partnerships with customers and suppliers. We identify and deal with risks from a perspective of the entire value chain. Research development
Quality assurance
Promotion of Open Innovation
Strengthening the Global Business Structure
Operations of the Quality Management System
Initiative Toward Customer Satisfaction
Providing Stable Supply of Products
Working to Maintain Supplier Relationships Informed by Equitability and Communication
Strengthening Cooperation with Suppliers
Employees We provide a pleasant and safe working environment while respecting human rights and promoting individual growth through education. Human resources PR Diversity Promotion System
Initiative Toward Stabilizing the Workforce
Global Coaching Program
Promoting Occupational Health and Safety
Working On Wonders Beyond Boundaries (WOW-BB)
Town Meetings
Our Relationship with Labor Unions
A Working Environment that Motivates
Society We make ongoing contributions to local communities, civil and international society through understanding the circumstances of the regions where we do business. Social contribution
General affairs
Protecting the Global Environment
Developing Human Resources to Lead the Next Generation
Social Welfare and Disaster Relief Activities
Communicating with Local Communities
Sakura Café Initiative
Supporting Cultural, Artistic, Academic and Sporting Endeavors
Government / Administration We constantly update our knowledge of, and strictly adhere to, the statutory and regulatory requirements of the countries and regions where we do business and fulfill obligations as a good corporate citizen. Legal affairs
General affairs
Government / Public Administration
Global environment In assuming the responsibility toward the next generation, we will make conservation of the global environment a significant issue for management, and will engage in technological development and production activities in consideration of such conservation. Environment Environmental Management Promotion Structure
Implementing Environmental Audits
Environmental Education
Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities
Environmental Initiatives within the Supply Chain
The GREEN21 Evaluation Program for Environmental Work
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