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Social Report

Together with Our Employees

Communication with Employees

Hitachi Chemical works to create a corporate culture that encourages employees to perform and take on new challenges through active dialogue and communication with them.

The Company holds regular discussions between Executive Officers and employees and reflects the outcome in its management, for example through WOW-BB activities, which puts the Hitachi Chemical Group Vision into action. The management team ensures that business operations run smoothly by communicating well with labor unions at meetings

Working On Wonders Beyond Boundaries (WOW-BB)

Basic Approach

Hitachi Chemical launched Working On Wonders Beyond Boundaries (WOW-BB) activities in fiscal year 2013 to work toward making the Hitachi Chemical Group Vision a reality. As the business environment for the Group undergoes dramatic changes, the aim of the WOW-BB activities is to facilitate the creation of products and services that deliver wonders beyond the expectations of customers and society. This entails breaking through our own limitations and developing an aggressive corporate culture, gaining the ability to look ahead and read the future social environment and anticipate customers’ needs from a long-term viewpoint.

The WOW-BB book (2023 Corporate Brochure) was distributed to all the Group employees to coincide with the launch of the activities. It encapsulates the thinking of top management regarding what the company business should look like in 10 years. Hitachi Chemical is taking on five challenges described in the book: 1) Have the ability to identify needs; 2) Envision future scenarios; 3) Create the next core technologies; 4) Become a globally preferred company; and 5) Develop work styles that allow for co-creation. These aim at making Hitachi Chemical a company that delivers “wonders” for our customers and society.

Positioning of WOW-BB Activities

Positioning of WOW-BB Activities

Purpose of WOW-BB

Purpose of WOW-BB

What Makes Hitachi Chemical Different?

The WOW Global Award was introduced to help create an aggressive corporate culture. In contrast to other typical awards focused on results or outcomes, it focuses on individual efforts to realize the Group Vision. It is a process- focused award that asks to what extent people put words into deeds and how much these actions have driven corporate cultural change. Employees enter of their own volition, and work in teams from launch until review.

Having a forward-looking business approach, meanwhile, entails creating the next Medium-term Management Plan with a ten-year horizon focusing on coming up with new businesses that will be viable into the future. Focusing on its own area of responsibility, each business division thinks seriously about what sort of changes could occur down the road and develops a corresponding business strategy.

The WOW Global Awards is one of the two pillars of WOW-BB activities which were launched at the 50th anniversary of Hitachi Chemical.
In the WOW Global Awards, which is held annually, employees enter of their own volition and work in teams from launch until judging. Many employee teams participate each year, cutting across division and company boundaries, to take on Hitachi Chemical’s 5 challenges focusing on the next 10 years.

Hitachi Chemical’s 5 challenges
① Discovering potential needs
② Designing future scenarios
③ Developing the next core technology
④ Becoming a globally competitive firm
⑤ Building a co-creative work style

Developments in Fiscal Year 2016

WOW Global Award 2016
WOW Global Award is a corporate cultural innovation activity geared toward realizing the vision of Hitachi Chemical Group. For FY 2016 (its third year), 989 teams gathered from around the world and engaged in the challenge of moving toward realizing “where I want to be in the future”. The participants accounted for 68% of the entire employees.

First screening was held in December (at each base), second and third screening was held in February ~ March, and the final screening was held in May 26, 2017.

The second screening is unique in a sense that Beyond Boundaries is being announced in 16 blocks worldwide, a type of engagement in which activities going beyond the wall of organizational and business divisions are being announced. Many teams made announcements in various areas for this year’s event as well, serving as a place for employees to gain a sense of motivation through these exchanges. The second screening also serves as a platform to form a new interaction between teams who otherwise would not have encountered with one another.

All 11 teams (including 4 overseas teams) shared their stories of challenge at the final screening held in May 26, and it served as a place where participants were able to immerse in stimulating communication. Hitachi Chemical Group will continue to create new value that will exceed the expectation of society and customers.

Proactive Quality Assurance
~Applied to customers and business sites worldwide~

This is an activity that takes on the challenge of evolving towards “proactive quality assurance” to increase corporate value by preventing defects from arising. We held study meetings on products in the manufacturing division and performed various activities to boost the sense of unity among site staff. In addition, we developed a unique training method for preventing defects, and made a video showing the mechanism by which defects arise, as a result of which defects were successfully reduced. Based on these accomplishments, we expanded these activities from Japanese to overseas business sites and then to customers, which led to incredible results: loss on return of products attributable to handling by customers decreased by a whopping 94%.

Observation of analyses made possible by ICT
~Launch of “Webnta”~

We conducted marketing with the passion to create an analysis center preferred by customers, and consequently found that many customers wanted to see how experiments are being conducted. This activity takes on the challenge of creating an environment in which experiments are made “visible” by utilizing ICT. After repeated examination, we collaborated with three Hitachi Group companies and launched “Webnta,” a webbased analysis center that makes customers forget about distance. Having developed the framework for providing an analysis service previously unheard of, this activity is a step into the future.

Town Meetings

An Opportunity for Dialogue between Executive Officers and Employees

The Hitachi Chemical Group has been holding Town Meetings since fiscal 2010. Town Meetings are designed to nurture a corporate culture of dialogue with Executive Officers from Hitachi Chemical visiting the offices of Group companies inside and outside Japan to hold direct briefings on Group Vision, budget policy, Medium-term management plan etc., and to take in questions from employees. In addition to providing employees with a better understanding of Hitachi Chemical's important business policies and plans, Town Meetings aid Hitachi Chemical in becoming a vigorous, free and open corporate group while allowing a corporate culture of dialogue—essential for the frank exchanges of opinion—to take root.

In fiscal 2016, Town Meetings were held at 91 sites in Japan and overseas from April to July. The participation rate was 71% in Japan and 89% overseas.

Town Meeting

Town Meeting

Town Meeting

Town Meeting

Town Meeting

Our Relationship with Labor Unions

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. and its Group companies have labor agreements with labor unions organized at each company. These agreements state that both labor and management will consult with each other before any changes are made in working conditions for employees.

At the few Group companies that do not have labor unions, labor and management work to create a culture of constructive communication. Employees are able to express their opinions of working conditions through an employee representative.

A Working Environment that Motivates

Hitachi Chemical Group is implementing employee survey (Hitachi Insights) toward its global group on continual basis to gain employee’s feedback regarding organizational culture and management system. For the survey conducted in September 2016, We gained response from total of 54 companies, 14 domestic and 40 overseas (total of 6,362 persons). When compared with the survey held in fiscal 2015 by making its overall score as 100, the most recent score showed improvement with the showing of 108% (refer to the chart).

These results are incorporated into the Executive Officers’ Meeting, and then being shared at small meetings held at each company/division. In consideration of discussion contents of these meetings, we are promoting the construction of satisfactory workplace environment and organizational change geared toward the future growth.

Transition (%) of Employee Survey Score (*)
FY2015 FY2016 2016/2015(Index)
56.6 60.8 108

*Affirmative response rate with 5 full points and above 4 points

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