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Together with Our Employees

Promoting Work–Life Management

To support the work-life management of employees, Hitachi Chemical has drawn up the Next-generation Care & Support Action Plan to update related systems, increase awareness of the systems, and encourage their use.

Programs include a total of up to three years of parental leave until the end of the child’s first year of elementary school. After returning from parental leave, employees may opt to work from home or to work reduced hours in addition to receiving the statutory exemption from late-night work and limited overtime until the child graduates from elementary school. The Company also has a re-employment program for employees who resigned for parenting, elderly care, or due to the relocation of their spouse, and an extended leave program for employees accompanying their spouses who are posted overseas, offering flexible employment options to fit employees’ life stages.

Since fiscal 2014, the Company has dispatched employees prior to maternity leave, employees planning to return from childcare leave, and employees who recently returned from childcare leave along with their superiors to the Hitachi Group Seminar on Supporting Employees Before Maternity Leave/Upon Returning to Work hosted by Hitachi, Ltd. In this seminar, employees learn how to engage in their duties and how to maintain a proper mental attitude upon returning to the workplace. They also learn how to enhance their motivation and extend their careers. In addition, their superiors are able to gain a deeper understanding of how best to provide appropriate support toward them.

Starting from fiscal 2015, the Company began the Working Style Reform as part of its production improvement policy at white-collar workplaces. Through this reform, not only will the Company be able to expect sustainable growth in global markets, but its employees will also be able to utilize their free time generated from the reduced working hours that are the result of production improvement to enrich their private life, such as using that time for child raising or family care, maintaining mental/physical health, self-development, networking with people, and hobbies. In fiscal 2016, Hitachi Chemical held a seminar titled “Working Styles and Leadership for Growing Organizations.” The seminar was broadcast live on videoconference to all Hitachi Chemical Group offices, and more than 200 employees participated.

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