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Social Report

Together with Our Employees

Promoting Work–Life Management

Starting from fiscal 2015, the Company began a Working Style Reform as part of its productivity improvement policy for indirect operations. The reform led to the establishment of a dedicated department in fiscal 2017, and spread across Group companies in Japan, with the goal of promoting an environment and awareness-raising that allow diverse human resources to work together creatively and energetically to create innovation. Through measures, including visualizing the number of days of paid leave taken and the overtime worked, introducing common rules on meetings and email, and putting a tool for improving the efficiency of indirect operations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into practical use, not only will the Company be able to expect sustainable growth in global markets, but its employees will also be able to utilize their free time generated from the reduced working hours that are the result of production improvement to enrich their private life, such as using that time for child raising or family care, maintaining mental/physical health, self-development, networking with people, and hobbies.

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