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Environmental Report

Environmental Performance

The GREEN21 Evaluation Program for Environmental Work

The Hitachi Chemical pursues environmental activities under GREEN21, a system run by Hitachi Group that evaluates the effectiveness of our environmental work. We use it to evaluate the extent to which specific business sites as well as the entire Group have achieved the goals set for the year by using Green Points (GP). This allows us to arrive at a numerical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of our environmental activities in their respective categories, and provides objective analyses that contributes to improve our activities.

In fiscal 2016, the Hitachi Chemical Group launched GREEN21-2018, a new evaluation system. Under the new system, we set the targets to be met by fiscal 2018 in six categories and evaluate their progress using GP: “environmental management”, “products and services”, “prevention of global warming”, “resource recycling and chemical substances”, “ecosystem preservation”, and “collaboration with stakeholders”. In fiscal 2017, the Hitachi Chemical Group scored a total of 354 GP, below the target of 360GP. Same as last fiscal year, when further analyzing the score by each category, “products and services,” “prevention of global warming,” “ecosystem prevention” and “collaboration with stakeholders” did not meet the target. We will continue to improve and work on our initiatives so that we can meet the target in all the categories by fiscal 2018.

GREEN21-2018 Assessment Radar Chart

GREEN21-2018 Evaluation Benchmarks and Items

Evaluation benchmarks
Evaluation level Activity level
1 Unachieved the fiscal 2016 goal
2 Achieved the fiscal 2016 goal
3 Achieved the fiscal 2017 goal
4 Achieved the fiscal 2018 goal
5 Exceeded the Fiscal 2018 goal

Evaluation items
Category Principal performance indicators
Environmental management Self-conducted environmental audits of overseas sites, reinforcing compliance at small and medium business sites, deviation from legal requirements, administrative guidance/complaints etc.
Products and services Assessment of products and services, enhancement of the environmental performance of products, conducting environmentally-friendly design assessment, implementing LCA etc.
Prevention of global warming Reduction of CO2 emissions, energy conservation efforts, reduction of energy consumption, energy conservation in transport, installation of energy-conserving equipment, adoption of renewable energy etc.
Resource recycling and chemical substances Resource recycling, management of chemicals and waste reduction, increasing the recycling rate, reduction of water usage, awareness of water-related risks, reduction of emissions of chemical substances, etc.
Ecosystem preservation Expanded implementation of the survey, planning, and implementation phases
Collaboration with stakeholders Information disclosure, communication activities, global citizen activities, education of ecosystem preservation, community contribution activities, third-party certification and awards etc.

GREEN 21-2018 classifies environmental protection activities by 6 categories with 49 items (static:26 items, additional points:23 items). Each item is evaluated in five levels and the figure obtained by multiplying by weighting factor for each item is the evaluative index(GP). The full score of GP for each category is 100GP (static item), and that for the six categories is 600 GP (static item), and 654 GP (with added points).

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