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Environmental Report

Policy on Global Environment

For the development of a society based on the understanding that harmony with the global environment is the top priority issue for sustainable management, the Hitachi Chemical Group has been promoting reduction of environmental burdens caused by our business activities and the use of our product and service and the resolution of environmental issues epitomized by climate change on a global scale. Based on the Hitachi Environmental Vision, which was adopted in September 2016 as the Hitachi Group’s common framework to envisage “Low-Carbon Society,” “Resource Efficient Society,” and “Harmonized Society with Nature,” as well as “Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050” as the long-term environmental targets, the Hitachi Chemical Group has established its own Hitachi Chemical Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation and Hitachi Chemical Environmental Action Plan and promoted activities. In our activities we grasp the needs of our customers and other stakeholders, cooperate widely in our value chains and with industry organizations, and work on the innovative development and provision of products, technologies and services that make maximum use of the characteristics of the Hitachi Chemical Group to achieve a sustainable society in harmony with the global environment.

Hitachi's Environmental Vision

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