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Social Report

Government / Public Administration

We will raise the level of society’s trust by serving as an exemplary corporate citizen, engaging in constant updates, acting in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the countries and regions where we operate.

As the globalization of the economy accelerates and corporate operations become increasingly borderless, business activities have intensified across countries and regions with different administrative and economic systems, business practices and values. Compliance with initiatives and guidance that serves as common global principles are now more important than ever to ensure that Hitachi Chemical’s business practice is global and fair, and that we are prepared for all types of risks that may interfere with our business operations.

Hitachi Chemical has established internal regulations on important business practices such as the prevention of bribery, enforcement of fair competition, and tax compliance. Our regulations conform to international standards that are widely recognized and supported, and are studied and enforced throughout the Group.

Further, in addition to attaining understanding from the government agency regarding the business operation of the entire Hitachi Group, we are also making efforts to strengthen dialogues with government personnel in an attempt to provide suggestions from the perspective of vitalizing the entire industry by cooperating with parent company Hitachi, Ltd. regarding the important policy issues in which the Hitachi Group is involved in.

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