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Social Report

With the goal of enhancing quality of life (QOL) and achieving a sustainable environment, the Hitachi Chemical Group has been working to ensure business management that is fair to all stakeholders. As part of these efforts, Hitachi Chemical has active dialogues and communication with various stakeholders and conducts fair business activities to gain further trust as a corporate group.

Relationship with Stakeholders Global Environment Shareholders and Investors Customers and Suppliers Employees Governmental and Public Authorities Society

Shareholders / Investors

Through prompt and fair disclosure of information and high-quality communication, we strive to heighten our presence in the capital market and increase our corporate value. We also strive to become a company with a reputation for long-term reliability, seeking to accomplish this by engaging in the active disclosure of ESG as information that is important from the perspective of management as well as financial information.

Customers and Suppliers

We aim for the development of next-generation technologies and the steady supply of reliable products through good partnerships with customers and suppliers. We identify and deal with risks from a perspective of the entire value chain.

Together with Our Employees

We provide a pleasant and safe working environment while respecting human rights and promoting individual growth through education.


We make ongoing contributions to local communities, civil and international society through understanding the circumstances of the regions where we do business.

Government / Public Administration

We constantly update our knowledge of, and strictly adhere to, the statutory and regulatory requirements of the countries and regions where we do business and fulfill obligations as a good corporate citizen.

Engagement with Stakeholders

The Hitachi Chemical Group holds discussion meetings with stakeholders including key figures periodically, and reflects the opinions of them on our corporate activities.

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