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Communicating with Local Communities

At each of its business sites, the Hitachi Chemical Group holds briefings to explain its business and CSR activities to local residents and hear their opinions. It also offers tours of its factories and issues reports about its business sites.

In addition, employees of Group companies get involved in activities to clean local areas with the intention of creating towns that are enjoyable and relaxing. We also invite local residents to festivals held at business sites as a part of our numerous activities to give back to the community.

Environmental Dialogue Meeting with Local Communities

The 11th meeting on environmental issues with local residents was held in June 2016 at Hitachi Chemical’s Shimodate Works in Goshomiya. Thirty people took part as representatives of community groups, local governments and agencies, schools, and other organizations. The meeting included a presentation on Hitachi Chemical’s environment, safety, and community service activities using “Shimodate Works Environmental Report 2016” and a tour of a backdoor factory. Feedback from participants are as follows: “It was good to know that Hitachi Chemical is making efforts to protect the environment,” “I was relieved to hear about their initiatives for energy conservation and toxic substance management.” We plan to improve the content of these programs and continue running them so that we can build a strong relationship based on trust with local residents.

Hitachi Celebrates Science
Briefing on the 2016 Shimodate Works
Environmental Report

Live Life Green! Towards a Greener Lifestyle
Explaining visitors about products made
at the Shimodate Works

Language school students visit Hitachi Chemical headquarters

In November 2016, 28 students and two teachers of Naganuma School, a Japanese-language school in Tokyo, visited Hitachi Chemical's headquarters as part of a corporate research project.

It was the fourth session of the program, which has started in 2013. The Japanese-language students were from the United States, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Canada, Macedonia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Korea. They participated in a panel discussion with three foreign employees of Hitachi Chemical and took an office tour. The students asked a variety of questions, ranging from those concerning Hitachi Kasei such as “Are there departments where people who majored in subjects other than chemistry can play an active role?” and “Do you hire many foreign nationals?” to “Other than the language issue, what challenges have you encountered in your daily life in Japan?” and “Are there qualifications that are beneficial for gaining employment?” The questions indicated their strong interest in working in a Japanese corporation.

Students of Naganuma School, a Japanese language school, visiting Hitachi Chemical

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