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Science Education Support Activities

Public concern has been rising over the declining interest of children in the science. As such, Hitachi Chemical is applying its expertise as a chemical company to create activities that make science and chemistry interesting for children, and to develop programs that nurture a child's inquisitiveness and instill a thirst for learning. We are promoting activities with the key phrase “Nurturing Spirit for Science,” to help realize children’s desire for “mystery,” “want to know,” and “want to try.” Not only does the program create learning opportunities for children and contributes to local communities, but it also helps those participating employees gain business insights.

Since fiscal 2008, we have held chemistry experiment events for preschoolers, elementary, junior and senior high school students, as part of our cooperation in the “I-Love-Chemistry Club” (“Kagaku Daisuki Club” in Japanese) organized by the Chemical Society of Japan. And since fiscal year 2012, we further extended activities to hold science experiment classes for children which are conducted by our employees. We also started running “Discovering the Mysteries of Water Creatures” (“Mizu no Ikimono Fushigi Hakken” in Japanese) workshops at Sumida Aquarium in fiscal 2013.

Science Workshops for Kids

In fiscal 2012, the Hitachi Chemical Group started offering science experiment classes for preschoolers conducted by our employees. In fiscal 2016, 3,172 children at 36 kindergartens and after-school care facilities near Group business sites attended 87 of these classes to experience the wonders of science. The Company published a two-volume science textbook for children “Fushigi Hakken! Tameshitemiyou Kagaku Jikken” (“How does it work? Let’s try a science experiment!”) supervised by Kazuhiro Miyamoto, a teacher at Kaisei Junior and Senior High School. The Group will continue to expand these activities in fiscal 2017.

FY 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Number of classes held 32 62 91 82 87
Number of schools where classes were held 16 23 25 35 37
Number of participants 1,099 1,771 2,529 3,067 3,172
Number of employee participants (as instructor or staff) 36 44 45 61 50

Science experiment classes for children "Fureai Kagaku Kyoushitsu"
Science Experiment Classes for Children

Science Textbook "Fushigi Hakken! Tameshite Miyou Kagaku Jikken"
Science Textbook
"Fushigi Hakken! Tameshitemiyou Kagaku Jikken"

Hitachi Chemical & Sumida Aquarium “Discovering the Mysteries of Water Creatures” (Mizu no Ikimono Fushigi Hakken)

Cooperation: Sumida Aquarium

In September 2013, the Hitachi Chemical Group and Sumida Aquarium began running joint workshops called “Discovering the Mysteries of Water Creatures” (“Mizu no Ikimono Fushigi Hakken” in Japanese) out of a wish to help children who are responsible for our planet’s future gain a deeper understanding of the ocean as a source of life forms, the abundance of life and ecosystem through experiences. A total of 36 children attended 6 workshops on jellyfish and sea turtles in fiscal 2016. Students had the chance to gain a deeper understanding of sea creatures through conversations with aquarium staff and experiences of actually taking care of them.

In fiscal 2015, we began an orientation-type program that used a “Mystery Discovered! Jellyfish Certification" and "Mystery Discovered! Sea turtles Certification” worksheet. In fiscal 2016, 7,807 students participated in the program, which provided students enjoyable learning experience by answering various questions and drawing pictures by observing jellyfish and sea turtles inside a fish tank.

In fiscal 2016, we hosted a workshop regarding Ogasawara, a World Natural Heritage site. Some 2,500 children participated in the biological assessment conducted during the workshop. Going forward, we will continue to further promote children’s understanding of ecosystem conservation and biodiversity.


See videos showing children participating in the workshops.

Chemistry Lab for Elementary Schoolers

Cooperation: Chemical Society of Japan

Hitachi Chemical runs chemistry lab workshops in tandem with the Family Workplace Tour events held by Hitachi Chemical to communicate the enjoyment of science and chemistry to children. In fiscal 2016 we held a total of ten workshops at seven business sites attended by a total of 402 parents and children.

As well as employees and their families, parents and children who applied through the Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, local elementary schools/communities, and the Company’s official website enjoyed experiments with such intriguing titles as “Let’s make the flowers bloom,” “Let’s make clouds in plastic bottles” and “Let’s play with light.”

Hitachi Chemical Summer Family Chemical Lab Workshops   Number of events and participants
FY 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Events held 7 7 8 8 10
Participants 402 383 407 299 402

Family Workplace Tours in Summer Vacation

Family Workplace Tours in Summer Vacation

Family Workplace Tours in Summer Vacation

Summer Family Workplace Tours

In fiscal 2013, Hitachi Chemical started running chemistry lab workshops as part of Hitachi Science Seminar, which is an event for elementary students at the Science Museum in Tokyo. This is a two-and-a-half hour program to carry out three chemistry experiments, designed to have participants experience the wonders of chemistry. In fiscal 2016, two workshops were held with 64 children featuring experiments in which “invisible forces such as atmospheric pressure and hydraulic pressure could actually be felt” and “the color of solutions was changed using acid and alkali.”

Starting from fiscal 2016, Hitachi Chemical has been holding chemistry lab workshops for the general public, titled “Chemistry is fun!” with the cooperation of the Science Museum and The Chemical Society of Japan, in the hopes that “children will become more interested in chemistry.” In fiscal 2016 two workshops were held with 58 children participating.

Hitachi Science Seminar

Chemistry Education Support for Junior and Senior High School Students

Hitachi Chemical research personnel participate as panelists in the event "Chemistry and You: 10 Years in the Future" organized by the Chemical Society of Japan since fiscal 2011. The event was held at Waseda University in fiscal 2016, featuring themes such as choosing university courses and potential positions after graduation, making it easier for students to visualize in detail a future in the field of chemistry.

"Chemistry and You: 10 years in the Future" workshop at Waseda University
"Chemistry and You: 10 Years in the Future" workshop at Waseda University

Hosting of “Summer Rikochare Support Event”

Hitachi Chemical is hosting the “Summer Rikochare Cheering Event” serving as the “Rikochare Cheering Organization” of Male and Female Participation Office of the Cabinet Office.

In August 2017, we hosted an event titled “Excited to learn about chemistry analysis work! ~ Lets peek! Work that provides service through chemistry ~” that targeted junior and senior high school students and university students. During the event, participants were able to engage in activities such as being able to physically touch the lineup of actual devices in the workplace (experiment room) and interacting with our employees called “Rikejo” (“science-oriented women”), who are making strenuous efforts on a daily basis to respond to customers’ desires to “want to know.”

We are hosting this event with the aim of helping students garner interest toward the chemistry-related job field, and also to help students who are interested in the science and technology field be able to select their career path by having a solid vision of one’s future. We will continue to expand this activity in fiscal 2017.

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