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Basic Concept of Our Social Contribution Policy

Under the concept of Hitachi Chemical Group Identity, Hitachi Chemical engages in social contribution activities as a group in accordance with its Social Contribution Policy, which applies to all Group companies. Employees and Group companies work together to tackle problems in communities where we operate.

The Hitachi Chemical Group believes that building a solid relationship of trust with local communities as a good corporate citizen and raising awareness of its employees through volunteer work will help grow our business and contribute toward a sustainable society.

Hitachi Chemical Group’s Social Contribution Policy

Basic Concept of our Social Contribution Policy
Diagram of Our Social Contribution Policy
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Under the corporate slogan "Working On Wonders," Hitachi Chemical endeavors to contribute to sustainable development of the earth and the society.
Focusing on local communities closely linked with the company, we actively promote social contribution activities on a global scale, with an emphasis on environmental protection and cultivating human resources who will lead in the next generation.

Promoting Structure and Employee Support System

Social contribution activities involving the entire Hitachi Chemical are planned and operated at the Corporate Communication Center in the Corporate Business Strategy Headquarters. These activities are run in accordance with the social contribution policies under the Executive Officers in charge. The administration departments in all branches and Group companies also plan and operate activities that contribute to local communities.

In addition to standard annual leave, Hitachi Chemical has a cumulative paid annual holiday system for employees engaging in volunteer work. Days of leave accumulated under this program can be taken in one go, or by the day or half-day at different times.

Targets and Plans in Social Contribution Activities

Stipulating the targets and review them on annual basis for social contribution activities such as the number of branches to establish green curtains, and the number of chemistry (science) lab workshops to be set up, etc. The Company keeps track of spending on social contribution activities to help improve these activities further.

Social Contribution Expenditures in Fiscal 2017

Social Contribution Expenditures

In fiscal 2017, a total of 13,660 people participated in social contribution programs organized by Hitachi Chemical and a total of 1,028 employees took part as volunteers.

FY 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Social Contribution Expenditures (Millions of yen) 103 107 138 159 263
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