November 7, 2006
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

Green Curtain Project Operation Report 2006 by the Hitachi Chemical Group

In 2006 the Hitachi Chemical Group ran the Green Curtain Project, an employee participation activity, as part of its "Team -6 %" program.

The Green Curtain Project is a project that aims to curb the use of air conditioners, preventing the rise in indoor temperature caused by direct sunlight by using curtain-like vines to cover windows and walls of buildings.

This initiative proved highly effective for Namie Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Namie-cho, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture), reducing power consumption for the building by around 20 percent on the previous year in a test operation last year, and in 2006 seven company sites operated the scheme, expanding it to the whole of the group.

According to the estimated energy conservation effects, Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Hikone Factory (Hikone-shi, Shiga Prefecture) achieved a reduction in year on year power consumption of 600 kWh (a saving of 7,500 yen / month). Namie Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.operated the scheme for a total length of 70 m.The scheme here achieved huge energy savings, for example a 25 percent reduction in power consumption for July and August compared to before the green curtain was introduced (2004).On some sites however there was no energy conservation effect, the result it would appear of delays in planting, the use of unsuitable plants for the green curtain, and the impact of the long period of rain, etc.

Our company group will continue to run the Green Curtain Project next year and beyond as one of our CSR programs, capitalizing on the experience gained this year.

Refer to the Green Curtain Project pages for a detailed report on the program.