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Application Guidelines


  • For participants who are applying for R&D position, Master’s or Doctor’s degree is needed. For participants who are applying for other position, Bachelor’s degree is needed
  • Strong communications skills – oral and written. Fluent in Japanese and English
  • Ability to develop relationships and negotiate people
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Chemical background considered to be advantageous
  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks
  • High energy levels essential

Screening Methods

Application documents, interviews, and personality tests

Number of people recruited

  Fiscal 2014 Fiscal 2013 Fiscal 2012
Staff positions 18 13 17
Research or Engineering positions 64 57 48

Compensation • Benefits

Type of position

Staff Positions
Sales and Marketing (domestic • overseas), materials procurement, accounting and finance, human resources, legal affairs, information management, etc.
Research or Engineering Positions
Research, development, production technology, intellectual property, Sales and marketing, etc.
* The staff positions listed above are also possible.


Commuting allowance (fully covered), family and area allowances, overtime allowance, meal allowance, etc.

Twice per year (June, December)
Unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, pension plan
Paid leave
Paid leave (22 to 24 days, including four companywide leave days), congratulations or condolence leave, longtime employment leave, reward leave, etc.
Dormitories for single employees, company housing, various type of sports facilities, etc.
Asset-accumulation/property accumulation savings plan, housing loans, employee stock purchase plan, etc.
Educational system
New employee training, various types of position-based and functional training, domestic and overseas study system, in-house TOEIC test, etc.

Work sites


Head office/Tokyo
Research facilities/Tsukuba, Hitachi, Chikusei (Ibaraki-Prefecture)
Offices (Production division) / Hitachi, Chikusei (Ibaraki-Prefecture), Ichihara (Chiba- Prefecture)
Branch offices / Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, others


United States, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Thailand, others

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