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Q1Application • Employment testing
A1Please go to Entry page and fill in your information. We will ask for your resume after receiving your information. Screening process includes resume screening, several interviews, and knowledge and personality test. Three or four weeks are needed to complete all selection process.
Q2For technical positions, do you accept applications from both candidates with master’s degrees above and candidates with bachelor's degrees ?
A2Research and development positions are limited to candidates with master's degrees or doctorates, but other positions, such as production technology and sales and marketing, are also open to candidates with bachelor's degrees.
Q3Chemical companies are known to actively employ technical people, but how are you utilizing people in staff positions ?
A3Many people think that chemical companies have few staff employees, but that is a misconception. There are many highly important fields in which we actively utilize staff employees, such as customer-contact positions and jobs that involve the provision of fundamental support for the company's operations. Specifically, major fields including domestic and overseas marketing, materials (procurement), accounting and finance, and human resources.
Q4New employee training
A4Japanese language and culture training will be provided for new employees who are not familiar with Japan. All new graduates may attend a New Graduates Entry Program for three weeks. Also we will provide a Two Years Training Term for all new graduates to construct basic business skills.
Q5Career Path
A5First work place will be in Japan, especially in Tokyo or Ibaraki area. Overseas assignment will be offered depend on knowledge, skill, ability, and years of working experience in Hitachi Chemical.
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