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If you want to find out more about Hitachi Chemical

Searching for a job involves "finding a company that is a good match for you." Just like people, each company is unique. We believe that a job search starts with the following idea: "Know yourself well, know the company well."
We would like you to develop a better understanding of Hitachi Chemical, and accordingly we have prepared a wide variety of pages that will help to foster a better understanding of the company.

Hitachi Chemical's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Hitachi Chemical places a high priority on the sustainable development of local communities and society and we are implementing a range of activities to give concrete shape to our Corporate Vision, such as contributing to society through our business activities, creating work environments that draw on the skills of a diverse range of people, and actively disclosing information and communicating.

Hitachi Chemical's Corporate Profile

"What is important to Hitachi Chemical?" "What are Hitachi Chemical's technological strengths?" For answers to these and other questions, please look here. We introduce Hitachi Chemical from a variety of perspectives.

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