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CAR-ELE JAPAN-11th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2019

Dates Jan. 16 (Wed) – Jan. 18 (Fri), 2019
Venue & Booth No. Tokyo Big Sight
Description - Hitachi Chemical’s solutions for next generation vehicles -
  • Package materials for automobiles
    5G / AI / Millimeter wave radar / LiDAR / Camera module for sensor
  • Materials for electrification
    Power device / Motor / Battery materials
  • Thermal management materials
  • Connecting materials
  • Co-creation activities of Hitachi Chemical
    New packaging solution center in Shin-Kawasaki
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SEMICON Japan 2018

Dates Dec. 12 (Wed) – 14 (Fri), 2018
Venue & Booth No. Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
  • Introduction of Package solution center
  • Materials for Semiconductor Packages
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2nd ADHESION & JOINING EXPO (inside Highly-fanctional Material Week)

Dates Dec. 5th(Wed) - 7th (Fri), 2018
Location Makuhari Messe, Japan
  • Thin layer Strength Adhesive Material
  • Resin Metal Bonding Tecnology
  • Structural Adhesive
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JPCA Show 2018 (48th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition)

Dates June 6th (Wed) - 8th (Fri), 2018
Location Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Description Base Materials
  • Base Materials for Packages
  • Base Materials for ICT Infrastructure / IoT Applications
  • Base Materials for Automotive /ADAS applications
Photosensitive Materials
  • Photosensitive Materials for Fine Patterning
  • Photosensitive Insulation Materials for Packages
Open Laboratory
NPI Presentation Low CTE, Low Modulus Prepreg for Next Generation PKG Applications "GEA-775G"
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American Coating Show

Dates April 10 (Tue) - 12 (Thu), 2018
Location Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Fanctional Acrylic Resins
  • UV-curable Materials
  • Epoxy Resin Hardeners
  • Heat Resistant Resin (Polyamide-imide)
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4th Advanced Digital Technology Expo in CONTENT TOKYO 2018

Dates Apr. 4 (Wed) – 6 (Fri)
Venue & Booth No. Tokyo Big Sight
  • Light Integrator for AR Device
  • Light Integrator for Health Care
We will exhibit light integrator which realize the 1/2 of light mixing part volume compare to that of dichroic mirror method.
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GLOBE Forum 2018

Dates 2018 Mar 14 (Wed) - Mar 16 (Fri)
Venue & Booth No. Vancouver Conference Centre, East Building, Vancouver, Canada
Description Ceria based CO2 adsorbent effective even under co-existence of water for CCS
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Dates Feb. 27 (Tue) - Mar. 2 (Fri), 2018
Location Makuhari Messe, Japan
  • Coatable Thermal Insulating Material
  • Latent Thermal Storage Materials
  • CO2Adsorbent
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nano tech 2018 - The 17th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference

Dates Feb. 14 (Wed) - 16 (Fri.), 2018
Location Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
  • Stimuli-responsive Material
  • Copper Clad Stretchable/Flexible Film
  • Cu Paste for 3D-MID (Molded Interconnect Devices)
  • Cu Bonding Paste that can be Sintered without Pressure
  • Coatable Thermal Insulating Material
  • Latant Thermal Storage Materials
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CAR-ELE JAPAN-10th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo

Dates Jan. 17th(Wed) - 19th (Fri), 2018
Location Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
  • High Thermal Resistant Epoxy Molding Compound
  • High Thermal Resistant Encapsulant for Case Module
  • Sintering Cu bonding paste
  • Low Elastic Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Paste
  • Resin Insulated Thick Copper Substrate for High Current Power Device
  • High Heat Resistant Insulating Coating Materials
  • Thermal Conductive Sheet Materials Containing Vertically
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19th IC & Sensor Packaging Technology Expo in NEPCON JAPAN 2018

Dates Jan. 17 (Wed) – Jan. 19 (Fri), 2018
Location Tokyo Big Sight
  • Photosensitive Insulation Film for Encapsulation and Embedding PX-1000
  • Low Transmission Loss Build-up Film AS-500HS
  • Low Transmission Loss Build-up Film AS-400HS
  • Low Transmission Loss / Low CTE Materials MCL-HS100
  • Encapsulation Material for High Frequency Devices CEL-X-DF series
  • Stretchable Substrate Material


Dates December 13 (Wed) - 15 (Fri.), 2017
Location Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
  • Advanced Materials for Next-generation High Speed Communication
  • Insulation Material for Wearable Device
  • Conductive Materials for Automotive Electical Equipment
  • Open Innovation Activity for Semiconductor Packages
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LED Japan 2017 (in All about Photonics)

Dates October 4 (Wed.)-6 (Fri.), 2017
Location Makuhari Messe
  • Light mixing integrator
This product can emit an uniform light by scattering and integration of LED or LD-RGB light source.

Advantage 1: Compact design in the light mixing part.
Advantage 2: Realization of high color uniformity.
Advantage 3: Bright image with high light source utilization efficiency.

Technical Contents: Combination of Mie scattering and enclosure of light.
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