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Answers to frequently asked questions from shareholders and investors.

Company History

When was Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., established?
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1962 and began its operations in 1963 with the transfer of the business assetsthe Chemical Products Division of Hitachi, Ltd.
When was the stock first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange?
It was first listed on the second section of both exchanges in October 1970 and on the first section in August 1971.


What is the ticker symbol number?
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.'s ticker symbol number is 4217.
How many shares make up a single trading unit?
Our stock is traded in units of 100 shares.
Who is Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.'s stock transfer agent?
The principal office is TokyoSecurities Transfer Agent Co., Ltd. In addition, the head office and branch offices of The Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited serve as intermediary offices.
What are the distribution dates for stock dividends?
Distribution dates are March 31 for year-end dividends and September 30 for interim dividends.
Do you offer special benefits to shareholders?
At present, we do not.

Financial Results

When does Hitachi Chemical's fiscal year end?
Hitachi Chemical's fiscal year ends on March 31.
When does Hitachi Chemical announce its financial results?
Hitachi Chemical has announced its financial results quarterly, in late April, late July, late October and late January. Fora schedule of announcements, please see the IR Calendar.
How can I view the latest financial results?
Click here to view the latest financial results.
How can I view Hitachi Chemical's annual report?
Click here to download a PDF version.
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