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IR Policy

1.Basic Policy

Hitachi Chemical (hereinafter “the Company”) strives to conduct timely and appropriate disclosure of information on its management strategies, financial condition, and other topics to facilitate understanding by shareholders and help them properly evaluate the Company. Furthermore, the Company engages in constructive communication with shareholders to contribute to ongoing growth and the improvement of its corporate value.

2.Information Disclosure Standards

The Company is committed to conducting timely and appropriate disclosure in accordance with laws as well as the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition to the information requiring disclosure under such laws and rules, the Company conducts disclosure of information deemed to have the potential to significantly impact investment decisions in order to deepen the understanding of shareholders with regard to the Company's management policies and business activities. This information includes financial information, such as that on the Company's financial condition and management performance, as well as non-financial information related to topics such as management strategies and challenges, risk management, and corporate governance. Such information is disclosed as appropriate through the ideal means.

3.Information Disclosure Methods

  1. (1)Information requiring disclosure under the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is, in accordance with these rules, disclosed through this stock exchange's timely disclosure communication system (TDnet) and is also promptly posted on the Company's corporate website.
  2. (2)The Company holds explanatory forums for institutional investors with regard to its business activities, medium-term management plans, and financial results. In addition, the Company endeavors to transmit information to private investors in an easy-to-understand manner through general meetings of shareholders and its corporate website.
  3. (3)The division responsible for investor relations shall serve as the venue for requests for private meetings by shareholders. Based on the number of shares held by the shareholder placing the request, meetings will be arranged with either the president or an executive officer.
  4. (4)When disclosing information, steps will be taken to ensure that simple and concrete explanations and statements are provided in order to facilitate understanding by shareholders and help them properly evaluate the Company.
  5. (5)Issues identified and suggestions received through investor relations activities will be promptly reported to the Company's management team so that this feedback may be reflected in management in order to improve corporate value.

4.Quiet Period

In order to prevent leakage of information on its financial results when it is preparing to announce these results, the Company observes a quiet period from the day following the end of each quarterly accounting period until it publicly announces its financial results for that accounting period. During the quiet period, the Company refrains from answering inquiries or commenting about its financial results in order to ensure impartial disclosure.

5.Forward-Looking Statements

In its disclosure materials, the Company includes forward-looking statements concerning future plans and forecasts. Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions made by the Company that had been deemed rational as of the date the material in question was disclosed. Accordingly, these forward-looking statements contain a certain degree of risk and uncertainty. When disclosing information that includes forward-looking statements, the Company will also provide information on matters that may influence these projections.

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