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This section offers explanations of key points necessary to understand Hitachi Chemical.

  • Origins of Hitachi Chemical
  • Key Business Fields
  • Hitachi Chemical by the Numbers
  • Major Products
  • Global Expansion

Hitachi Chemical is accelerating its global expansion efforts to capture demand from emerging countries and other target markets.

The Hitachi Chemical Group's Global Operations

  • Japan
  • Asia
  • America & Europe

The Hitachi Chemical Group's Global Operations

• Hitachi Chemical Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of printed wiring boards
• Japan Brake Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of friction materials
• Hitachi Chemical Automotive Products Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of automotive plastic molded products
• Namie Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of carbon products
• Hitachi Chemical Electronic Materials (Kyushu) Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of epoxy molding compounds for semiconductors and cleaning sheets
• Hitachi Chemical Sumiden Power Products, Ltd
Manufacture and sales of electrical insulating epoxy resin molded products
• Hitachi AIC Inc.
Manufacture of capacitors and evaporated films
• Hitachi Chemical Techno Service Co., Ltd.
Synthesis, analysis, safety data sheet preparation and other contracted services, and manufacture and sales of FRP, coated sand and separating medium
• Hitachi Battery Sales & Service Co., Ltd.
Sales and servicing of batteries and electric equipment, and manufacture, sales and servicing of golf carts
• Kyowa Medex Co., Ltd.
Development and manufacture and sales of in vitro diagnostics and automated analyzers
• Hitachi Kasei Shoji Co., Ltd.
Sales of functional materials, advanced components and systems and other products
• Hitachi Chemical Business Service Co., Ltd.
Leasing personnel computers and other business equipment, and offering contract administrative service related to salary, welfare and finance
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