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About Documents Proving a Customer's Identity

To prevent the leakage of personal information, the customer must provide document(s) that prove the customer's identity when the customer requests a purpose-of-use report (based on Article 24(2) of the Personal Information Protection Law (abbreviated hereafter to "the Law")) or when the customer requests the revealing of information (based on Article 25(1) of the Law). When a substitute person makes the request on behalf of the customer, documents proving the identity of both the customer and the substitute person are required. When the customer is not yet 16 years old, the customer's legal guardian needs to make the request. The requirements for the various confirmation documents are as follows.

When the Customer Makes the Request

One of the following documents, which must be valid in the current time period, is required (Note: Copies must not include images from digital cameras, scanned images, or printouts of these.):

  • A copy of a driver's license
    (The family register item is not required, so please delete it with, for example, an oil-based pen.)
    Note: If the address has been changed, please attach a copy of the back page that shows the change.
  • A copy of the Basic Resident Register card
    Note: This must be the type (B type) that includes a photo, name, birth date, and current address. If the residence has changed to a location within the same city, ward (Japanese "ku"), town, or village, please attach a copy of the back page that shows the change.
  • A copy of the customer's passport
    This must include the page containing the photograph and the page giving details of the passport holder (e.g., the name and address).
  • A copy of one of the various types of pension book
  • A copy of one of the various types of welfare certificate
  • A copy of one of the various types of health insurance ID card
    Note: Make sure that you have inserted your current address in the address area.
  • A copy of the alien registration card, or certificate proving the contents of the alien registration card (for non-Japanese)

When a Substitute Makes the Request

The following documents, issued within three months:

  • When the substitute has parental authority (Civil Law, Article 818)
    Copy of the person's family register, copy of the portion of the family register relating to the person, documents proving the relation to the requester
  • When the substitute is an adult guardian (Civil Law, Article 8 and 843)
    Proof of registration
  • When the substitute is a W adult guardian (Civil Law, Article 839 and 840)
    Proof of registration
  • When the substitute is a customer-designated substitute (Note: The customer must be 16 years or older.)
    Original document giving power of attorney for this task. The document must be signed and/or stamped with the personal seal.

When the Adult Guardian is a Legal Entity

One of the following: copy of the registration, copy of the portion of the registration relating to the adult guardian, proof of all current items, or proof of relevant current items. (Note: These must have been issued within the last three months.)

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