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Chemical Raw MaterialsSpecialty Acrylate/Methacrylate

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Specialty Acrylate/Methacrylate are used as polymerisable monomers in the manufacture of acrylic and other polymers. The applications of these polymers extend over to coatings, adhesives, construction sealants etc.. These monomers also serve as reactive diluents for UV-curable and EB-curable coatings and inks.


Series having a dicyclopentadiene structure:
Good adhesion to metal and good compatibility with other materials
Series having a piperidine ring:
Light resistance and weatherability available as a reactive light stabiliser
Other methacrylate series
Manufactured through our transesterification process which enables the development of high-quality products with less colouring and excellent stability. This manufacturing process features no contaminant of sulfonic acid type resin and less contamination of alkali metal.


Product name Chemical name Typical application
Molecular formula Number of functional
FA−512A Dicyclopentenyl
oxyethyl acrylate
UV curable inks, adhesives, acrylic paints, rubber modifiers
C15H20O3 1 functional Yellowish transparent liquid
FA−513A Dicyclopentanyl
UV curable inks, adhesives, acrylic paints
C13H18O2 1 functional Yellowish transparent liquid
FA−-731A Tris (2-acryloyloxyethyl)
Electrical insulating materials, UV curable paints
C18H21N3O9 3 functional White solid
FA−512M Dicyclopentenyl oxyethyl methacrylate Adhesives, acrylic paints, reactive diluents
C16H22O3 1 functional Yellowish transparent liquid
FA−513M Dicyclopentanyl
Acrylic paints, acrylic resins
C14H20O2 1 functional Yellowish transparent liquid
FA−711MM Pentamethyl piperidyl
Acrylic paints, ABS, PMMA resin
C14H25NO2 1 functional Yellowish transparent liquid
FA−321M EO modified bisphenol
A dimethacrylate
Acrylic resin cross-linking agents, adhesives
2 functional Yellowish transparent liquid

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