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Functional ResinsFunctional Acrylic Resins -KH series

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KH series is functional acrylic resins with ultrahigh molecular weight, manufactured by our unique suspension polymerisation. This series is used as a constituent element in adhesives for electronics-related products.


  • KH series has excellent heat resistance and good adhesive properties.
  • Its low ionic impurity will improve insulation properties of customers’ products.
  • KH-CT, introduced alicyclic monomers, has low moisture absorption so as to ensure electric reliability.
  • KH series has less colour and is highly transparent.


Type Item Unit
Not varnish Molecular weight ×10-4 100~150 45~65
Tg ºC -45~-35 0~12
Thermal decomposition Temp.
ºC 310~330 320~340
Absorption rate
(at 85ºC/85%)
% 0.5 0.4
Ionic impurity
(Extracted at 120ºC for 24hrs)
Cl- ppm ≦5 ≦5
Na+ ppm ≦5 ≦5
Varnish Appearance
(Visible to the naked eye)
- Transparent Transparent
Solid content
% 15±1 36±2
Pas 6~12 2~7
Peel strength
N/m 600 330
Peel strength
N/m 950 1,130


  • KH series is used as a constituent element in electronics-related adhesives
    (e.g. semiconductor packages, printing wiring boards).

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