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Molding ResinsPhenolic/DAP Resin Molding Compound -CP-7111·CP-7010·CP-J-7000·CP-J-8800·CP-J-8700·CP-J-8600·CP-J-8200·CP-J-3870·CP-J-6750·CD-J-710·CD-F-710·CD-F-800

Image of Phenolic/DAP resin molding compound

Glass phenolic molding compounds
Developed for use in electric equipment and parts for automotive to establish superior heat resistance, mechanical strength, and dimensional stability.

Ammonia-free phenolic molding compounds
Ammonia-free phenolic molding compounds designed to make for smaller, thinner electronical parts, such as micro-switches, coil bobbins, and IFT parts.

Electric-purpose phenolic molding compounds
Developed for use in magnet switches, breakers, attachment plugs, and other heavy-electricity and electrical parts, offering excellent flame retardancy (V-0/0.8 mm), tracking resistance (PTI: 175V).

Sliding materials -purpose phenolic molding compounds
Developed for sliding materials to be manufactured by injection molding, has excellent heat resistance and slide wear resistance.

DAP resin molding compounds
Superior moldability, electrical characteristics, dimensional stability, and heat resistance recommend these compounds for use in industrial applications requiring critical quality.

Features and Typical Applications by Product

Product category Molding method Product name Feature Key application
Glass phenolic molding compounds Transfer, Compression CP−7111 Toughness Commutators for blowers, wipers and other harness parts
CP−7010 Heat resistance
Moisture resistance
Commutators for starter and motors of vacuum cleaner
Injection CP−J−7000 Heat resistance
Moisture resistance
Brush holders, heat insulators
Ammonia-free phenolic molding compounds Injection CP−J−8800 Corrosion resistance Micro-switchese, cases for contact, coil bobbins
CP−J−8700 High strength
CP−J−8600 Toughness
CP−J−8200 Phosphorus-free
Electric-purpose phenolic molding compounds Injection CP−J−3870 Flame retardancy Tracking resistance Breakers,
attachment plugs
Sliding materials -purpose phenolic molding compounds Injection CP-J-6750 Slide wear resistance Sliding materials
DAP resin molding compounds Injection CD−J−710 Corrosion resistance Coil bobbins, signal parts, parts for communication equipment
CD−F−710 Flame retardancy
CD−F−800 High strength
Heat resistance

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