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UV-curable MaterialsUV-Curable Resins -HA, TA series

Image of UV-Curable Resins

We provide an extensive range of UV-curable resins from urethane acrylates and acrylic acrylates to epoxy acrylates. We have developed cutting-edge technology to deliver diverse and advanced products which have distinguishing features such as anti fingerprint, anti static as well as refractive index matching and many others.

Product line-up

(1)Urethane Acrylate

Features:Flexibility, Adhesion

Image of Urethane Acrylate

(2)Acrylic Acrylate

Features:Transparency, Low warpage

Image of Acrylic Acrylate

(3)Epoxy Acrylate

Features:Rigid, High refractive index, Heat resistance

Image of Epoxy Acrylate


Application Item Features
Architecture HA4861 Low viscosity, Non solvent, Flexibility
TA2300 Non solvent , Adhesion, Flexibility
TA2328 Durability, Scratch resistance, Pollution resistance
(Film, Plastics)
HA7909-1 High-functional-group type, Appearance, Scratch resistance
HA7902-1 Middle-functional-group type, Appearance, Scratch resistance, Adhesion
HA7100 Water and oil repellent, Anti fingerprint
HA7200 Water repellent and lipophilic, Anti fingerprint
HAUV028 Hardness, Anti static, Anti-dust adhesion
HA7902A Organic-inorganic hybrid type, Scratch resistance, Weatherability, Flexibility
HA7975 Acrylic type, Low warpage, Tuck free
HA7903-B Urethane type, Low warpage
Refractive index matching HA7663 High refractive index(1.582nD25), Aromatic type
HAUV251 High refractive index(1.582nD25), Aromatic type, Non solvent
HAUV222 Low refractive index(1.426nD25), Transparency, Adhesion
Adhesive HA7927 Transparency, Hardenability
HA7927-15 Transparency, Hardenability, Adhesion(glass)
Minute-shape moulding Under development High refractive index(1.605nD25), Non solvent
Under development Self-restoration, High refractive index(1.577nD25), Non solvent

Fingerprint-resistant coatings applyed with HA7000

Before being wiped off

Before being 
wiped off

After being wiped off

After being 
wiped off
Uncoated surfaceCoated surface

Scratch-resistant coatings applied with HA7902A

Good HA7902

Very good 
Very good HA7902A

Low warpage created by the application of HA7975D

Coated by DPHA

Coated by HA7975D

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