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Wavelength Conversion ParticleWCP Series

Image of WCP Series

WCP series contains specialized phosphor within acrylic resin and converts short wavelength light(ultraviolet light) into long wavelength light(visible light). Solar cell modules, which use encapsulation sheets made of these particles, are expected to increase conversion efficiency.


  • High wavelength conversion efficiency, providing long-term durability for PV modules.
  • Good dispersibility in EVA sheets as well as retaining initial transparency, achieved by the composite particles consisting of acrylic resins and specialized phosphors.
  • Existing PV module assembly lines can be adapted.
Item Unit WCP
Excitation wavelength nm 300-400
Emission wavelength nm 500-600
Emission color - Green
Resin - Acrylic resin
Particle size µm 90-110

Under fluorescent light Under ultraviolet light


c-Si PV modules containing WCP series

c-Si PV modules containing WCP series

Expected applications

  • Lighting, Color adjustment of optical components, UV protection
  • Security-related materials (ex. Counterfeiting protection, Identification of authenticity)

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