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Chemical Raw Materials

Image of Chemical Raw Materials

Material which is used in the manufacture of functional synthetic resins with the aim of adding distinctive characteristics to the resins as well as serving as reactive diluents for UV-curable coatings and the like.

UV-curable Materials

Image of UV-curable Materials

Material which is cured by ultraviolet light. This material is environmentally-friendly giving off little odour other than enabling our customers to enhance workability.

Coating Resins used for Paints

Image of Coating Resins used for Paints

Material which mainly serves as base polymers for paints and is used in a wide variety of applications, for instance, construction, cars, home appliances etc.

Functional Resins

Image of Functional Resins

Material which is blended with fillers, chemical additives etc. and plays a key role in determining the characteristics of products.

Molding Resins

Image of Molding Resins

There is a molding resin material for making the shape, the foundry resin material for making molds. Molding resin is a thermosetting resin, I have excellent strength, heat resistance and dimensional stability. There is also a cold-curing resin in casting resin.

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