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Glass Epoxy Multilayer MaterialsMCL-BE-67G Series

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MCL-BE-67G Series, Halogen Free Multilayer Material has achieved the UL94V-0 level of flammability. This material has good heat resistance and high elastic modulus at high temperature, and it is suitable for high density interconnection technology.


  • MCL-BE-67G series is environmentally friendly which achieves flammability UL94V-0 without using halogen, antimony and red phosphorus.
    It also has higher Tg and stable dielectric properties.
  • MCL-BE-67G Type(S) has upgraded flammability and is better tolerant of higher temperature lead-free soldering process.
  • MCL-BE-67G type(H) is standard halogen free FR-4 material.


Item Condition Unit MCL-BE-67G Type(S) MCL-BE-67G Type(H) Standard FR-4
Tg TMA °C 135~145 140~150 120~130
DMA 160~200 180~220 150~160
T260(With copper) TMA min. >20 10~20 10~20
Solder float(288°C) A sec. >300 >120 <120
CTE Z <Tg ppm/°C 30~45 40~55 50~70
>Tg 150~230 170~250 240~310
Flexural modulus A GPa 23~26 23~26 22~25
Water absorption PCT 3hr % 0.6~0.7 0.6~0.7 1.1~1.2
Dielectric constant 1MHz C-96/20/65 4.9~5.1 4.8~5.0 4.6~4.8
1GHz 4.4~4.6 4.3~4.5 4.0~4.2
Dissipation factor 1MHz C-96/20/65 0.006~0.007 0.006~0.007 0.015~0.017
1GHz 0.009~0.011 0.009~0.011 0.018~0.020
  • PCT: Pressure Cooker Test (121°C 0.22MPa)
  • Dk,Df at 1GHz: Triplate-line Resonator


  • Middle-high layer PWB for servers, routers, network applications,High reliable PWB for automobiles.
  • High density digital electronic equipment, etc.

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