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Carbon Products / Ceramics

Lithium-ion Batteries Materials

Image of Lithium-ion Batteries Materials

Hitachi Chemical's anode material is artificial graphite with many internal pores. These pores promote smooth intercalation of lithium ions and allow as many ions as possible to be stored in each particle. This unique particle structure realizes superb performance and high capacity.

Carbon Brushes

Image of Carbon Brushes

Hitachi Chemical offers a high-performance carbon brush for industrial machinery, vehicle and wind power generator. We are evaluating rigorous testing and development of the material in consideration of all the practical conditions.

Carbon Products

Image of Carbon Products

We boast a history of more than 80 years from the carbon brush of the start of the study in 1933. We offer such as carbon sliding materials and glass-like carbon, a variety of products. And we have "HITASOL" series used in the capacitors active material.


Image of Ceramics

Hitachi Chemical has a long history beginning with the insulator, porcelain bushing study of 1931 in ceramics. At present, we are offer the semiconductor manufacturing equipment silicon carbide ceramics and alumina ceramics with excellent wear resistance.

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