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Anisotropic Conductive Films <ANISOLM> for TAB

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"ANISOLM" is a leading invention of Hitachi Chemical for display interconnection. The conductive particles dispersed in adhesive electrically connect circuits and microscopic electrodes on the glass. This type has achieved excellent connection reliability, since the optimum conductive particles are adopted to each state of electrodes.

Principle of connection



Interconnection between LCD and driver IC through TCP, FPC

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  • Low temp., short time bonding
  • Fine pitch interconnection
  • High adhesion and reliability
  • Reworkability

Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit AC-7000 series AC-2000 series AC-9000 series AC-4000 series
Application for TAB output for TAB input for TAB input
(Low temp., short time bonding)
for TAB output/input
(Strong adhesion for double layer FPC)
Fine pitch capability Min. contact area Ám2 8000 100000 100000 8000/100000
Min. space Ám 10 100 100 10/100
Bonding condition Temp. °C 180~ 180~ 160~ 190~
Time sec 5~ 5~ 5~ 5~
Pressure MPa 3~ 3~ 3~ 3~

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