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Photosensitive Dry Film "PHOTEC"RD Series for Direct Imaging

Image of RD Series for Direct Imaging

RD series are fully aqueous applicable photosensitive films used for direct imaging system. These series have high photosensitivity, high resolution, excellent imaging property and other advantages than conventional films.


  • RD-2015 has high photosensitivity and excellent tenting reliability for small diameter holes.
  • RD-1225 is suitable for semi-additive process with high resolution and excellent stripping property.
  • It is used for digital light processing (DLP) system and UV laser direct imaging (UV-LDI) system both.
  • Because of high imaging property, it is able to confirm the exposed area.
Photo characteristics
Item Unit RD-2015 RD-1225
Resist thickness μm 15 25
Wavelength nm 355 *1 405 *2 355 *3 405 *4
Exposure energy mJ/cm2 20~40 30~60 70~135 60~120
Recommended step held x/41ST 11~17 11~17 20~26 12~18
Resolution (x/x) μm 15 14 8 8
Adhesion (x/3x) μm 15 14 8 8
by Paragon-9000m of Orbotech
by DE-1AH of Via Mechanics
Paragon-Ultra of Orbotech
DE-6UH of Via Mechanics

Resist profile



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