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Photosensitive Dry Film "PHOTEC"SL Series / DL Series for Direct Imaging

Image of SL Series / DL Series for Direct Imaging

SL series and DL series are fully aqueous applicable photosensitive films for direct imaging system.


SL-1800 Series

  • SL series are suitable for UV laser direct imaging system (light source: 355nm).
  • SL-1800 series are appropriate for forming HDI (High density interconnect) due to high photosensitivity, adhesion and resolution.
  • SL-1800 have good tenting property and make a contribution to high production yield.

SL-1900 Series

  • SL-1900 series have high photosensitivity (9~20mJ/cm2: recommended exposure energy, 355nm), excellent adhesion and resolution.
  • SL-1900 series excel especially in tenting property.

DL-9000 Series

  • DL series are suitable for direct imaging system (light sorce: 405nm).
  • DL-9000 series have high photosensitivity, excellent adhesion and resolution, threfore are appropriate for forming HDI.
  • DL-9000 series have excellent teting property over small diameter hole and make a contribution to high production yield.
Photo characteristics
Item SL-1800 SL-1938 DL-9000
Applications Tenting (small diameter hole) Tenting Tenting (small diameter hole)
Thickness μm 20 25 29 38 20 25
Exposure energy (ST=17/41) mJ/cm2 12 13 15 14 16 17
Adhesion (ST=17/41) x/400μm 17.5 20 22.5 30 20 22.5
Resolution (ST=17/41) 400/xμm 15 17.5 20 27.5 18 20
Exposure machine Paragon-9000m
(Orbotech Japan Co., Ltd.)
(Hitachi Via Mechanics, Ltd.)

Resist profile

SL-1938 (L/S=50/50μm)

SL-1820 (L/S=30/30μm)

SL-1825 (L/S=30/30μm)

SL-1829 (L/S=30/30μm)


DL-9020 (L/S=30/30μm)

DL-9025 (L/S=30/30μm)

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