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Photosensitive Dry Film "PHOTEC"HM Series for Thick Resist Layer

Image of HM Series for Thick Resist Layer

HM series are photosensitive films to form a thick resist layer with higher aspect ratio.
They are used for electro-forming such as metal mask.


  • Excellent resolution and adhesion make it possible to form a resist with higher aspect ratio.
  • Thickness lineup according to the application (thickness; 35~200μm, available upon request)
  • Smooth sidewall of plating line due to the smooth resist profile.
(One of our data)
Items Units HM-4000series
(For Contact Exposure)
(For Direct Imaging Exposure)
HM-4056 HM-4075 HM-40112 HM-6050 HM-60100
Thickness of resist μm 56 75 112 50 100
Exposure energy mJ/cm2 85 130 270 150 500
Extra high pressure mercury lamp*1 Direct imaging (355nm)*2
Adhesion(L/S=x/400) μm 22 35 32 25 45
Resolution(L/S=x/x) μm 25 35 50 25 60
Collimated light type
Direct imaging exposure machine:Orbotech Japan Co., Ltd.

Resist profile

Resist thickness:56μm

Resist thickness:112μm

Resist thickness:112μm
Resist diameter:Φ=30μm (Space:40μm)

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