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Solder ResistPhotosensitive Liquid Solder Resist -SR7300 Series

Image of Photosensitive Liquid Solder Resist -SR7300 Series

SR7300 series is a highly reliable solder resist for package substrates.
It enables substrates to be thinner and finer because of its excellent HAST and TCT resistance even in thin resist layers.


  • Excellent Reliability (HAST & TCT)
  • Low Warpage
  • Fine Via-hole Resolution
  • Halogen Free
  • LDI Compatible

Example of Application

Example of Flip Chip BGA Package


Item Condition Unit SR7300G SR7200G Conventional
SRO Resolution Mask diameter 50μm μm 35 42 42
Solder Dip Resistance 10sec at 260°C - OK OK OK
TCT Resistance 1000cycle(-55°C~125°C) - OK OK NG
3000cycle(-55°C~125°C) - OK NG NG
PCT Resistance 121°C×100%RH×2atm×288h - OK OK OK
HAST Resistance 131°C×85%RH×2.8atm×14V×288h Ω >12×1.010 >12×1.010 >2.5×1.08
Glass Transition Temp. DMA °C 174 107 100
Young Modulus - Mpa 2400 2600 2600
Elongation - % 4.2 3.2 1.8
Tensile Strength - Mpa 95 70 25


  • Solder Mask for Printed Wiring Board

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