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RFID Products UHF (860-920MHz),NFC (13.56MHz)Outline of RFID products

Overview of Hitachi Chemical’ RFID

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (HCC) has been starting RFID business from HF contactless IC card in 1997, and expanding business area to HF (13.56MHz), Micro wave (2.45GHz) and UHF (860 - 960MHz), and now supporting a variety of HF/NFC and UHF RFID products includes customized Tag.
HCC is developing business by utilizing special features of the RFID products for each frequency in various fields such as Finance (document control system), Amusement (game center, theme park), Public (IC Card, Tag), Foods (Running sushi bar, auto register) Power plant (equipment control) Logistics and distribution (trace of article, inventory control, bland control). And now HCC is developing new field of UHF/NFC solutions which conventional type of RFID had not supported yet.

About RFID Products

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Ultra small package Tag (USPT)
The tag is Ultra Small size UHF tag built-m antenna, high durability and high productivity, and is readable by standard UHF reader directly, and has high reliability under harsh environment. On top that the special feature is easy to expand read range with booster antenna. Therefore the tag is not only a tag itself but also as a material for other various kind of tags such as near metal, inside molding, for heavy industry etc.
The size of the tag 2.5mm square can be put on even on honey bee.
And then each customer can design a most suitable tag with USPT for his application by himself.
HCC can support tag design and also produce the tag.
Please refer to the Design Guideline on the website.
USPT for PCB is optimized for PCB control. It’s easy to mount on PCB together with other SMT and withstand soldering reflow conditions.
On/In metal Tag, Bolt Tag
USPT can be apply to various metal tools and equipment such as a Bolt and even In-metal.
USPT NFC tag was also developed with same technology of UHF. It is very small and thin NFC tag which can be adopted to harsh environment, in-mold in plastic parts for heavy industries and infrastructure type of applications.
Weldable metallic Tag
A Metallic tag is also utilized the USPT, and can be attached to metal material directly by welding which is the most durable and reliable method to attached on metal. The tag is outer covering with stainless steel, and is able to apply to management and maintenance of equipment, facilities and metal materials under harsh environment.
Bm-Pin/ Bm-Band
These products have joint developed with Toska-Bano’k Co., Ltd.
And are very easy to attached for item level control such as apparel goods, foods and even low fish.

About Our Products

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