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Conductive FilmCF Series

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"CF" is conductive film for interconnecting electrodes on PV cells and tab ribbons, substitute for solder. Low temp. interconnection can reduce warpage and break of cells, and contributes to improve productivity of modules. CF also enables to apply a technology of cell without bus bars (Ag paste).




  • Low temp. interconnection (180deg.C or less can be applied on CF; ref. 260deg.C on Pb-free solder, 230deg.C on normal solder) can reduce warpage and break of cells, which would be caused by thermal-expansion stress.
  • Pb-free.
  • CF shows excellent adhesive property even against Si; therefore, theoretically, bus bars on cells are not necessary.* Ag paste for bus bars can be dramatically reduced.
It may be necessary to optimize conditions for applying Bus-bar-less technology because it is novel technology.

Adhesion Properties against Ag, Si and SiNx

Unit Ag Si SiNx
N/TAB* 2 2 2

Analysis condition: 90°peeling, 50mm/sec.

1.5mm tab ribbon


Item Unit Standard type: CF-S1
Size Thickness µm 25
Width mm 1.0、1.2、1.5
Length m 300、500
Laminating Temp. deg.C 70±10 *1
Time sec. 2
Pressure MPa 1 *2
Bonding Temp. deg.C 180 190
Time sec. 10 5
Pressure MPa 2 *3
: Achieving temperature of CF
: Pressure per CF lamination area
: Pressure per connection area

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