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PWB for IC Testers <Probe Card>

Image of <Probe Card>

The probe card makes it possible to use Multi-wire technology, improve the timing accuracy and low-crosstalk design by high precision, equal length wiring of characterictic impedance.


  • Rainforce the power and grand by reducing signal layer with high density MWB.
  • Lead time of 1st article could be 12 days with MWB including design by MWB including pattern designing.
  • Board size for Probe Card Wcould be produced the maximum size of ø560mm diameter.


  • Probe card for IC tester

Board Specification Example

12-layer wiring specification

Items Unit Specification
Board Thickness mm 6.3±0.3mm
Board Size mm ø480
Wire Layer - 12
Power/Grand - 32
Wire Dia. μm ø80
Min. Drill Dia. μm ø300
Equal to 62 layers MLB

Measure for High Speed Signal
Possible to reduce propagation loss by stabless structure.

Comparison of Propagation Loss

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