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The fusion of our technologies between the substrate manufacturing process and the materials for PWB and semiconductors results in high density module substrates for compact, high performance devices. We provide total solutions from board fabrication to evaluation of the characteristics.

Typical Applications

Our module boards are used in high performance and multifunctional mobile terminals and automotive communication systems. We offer flexible, reliable solutions for various applications and different user environments.

Application Example for Mobile Terminal, Application Example for Automobile

Specifications and Technology Trend

Along with advances in technology for higher performance devices, module substrates must be available in various structures, such as being thinner in fabrication, and offer higher performance to meet high frequency requirements.

Thin Substrate
Item Mass Production Under Development
Minimum Board Thickness 0.23mm
(6 Layers Full Stack Structure)
(6 Layers Full Stack Structure)
Minimum IVH Diameter/
Land Diameter
Φ60/Φ110μm Φ40/Φ90μm
Minimum Line/Space Subtractive Process
Subtractive Process
Semi Additive Process
Semi Additive Process
Number of Layers 4L, 6L 3L, 8L
Insulation Material High Tg FR-4
High Frequency Substrate
Item Mass Production Under Development
IVH Minimum
Insulation Layer Thickness/Core Via
Maximum Insulation
Layer Thickness
48/200μm 30/260μm
IVH Diameter/
Land Diameter
Φ60/Φ120μm Φ60/Φ110μm
Minimum Line/Space 30/30μm 20/20μm
Core Via
Width Accuracy
±5μm ±5μm
Number of Layers 4L, 6L, 7L 8L, 9L
Insulation Material High Tg FR-4
(Possible to use Halogen Free, Low-k Materials)
Optional Technologies
Name Item Spec
Copper Post Height / Pitch 300/400μm
Spacer PCB Board Thickness, Minimum Opening 1,600/2,000μm
Castellation Depth / Hole Diameter 100μm/
Largest Hole 150×350μm
Edge Through Hole Height / Hole Diameter 800/Φ700μm
Copper Bump Height / Pitch 50/100μm
SOP Height / Pitch 5/110μm

Technical Advantages

Our variety of technologies, such as ultra thin Build Up structure with 6 layers full stack and 0.23mm board thickness, high speed capability up to 60GHz signal and high density, double sided substrate with 90 Ám diameter Pad on Via, Copper Post and Framed substrate, contributes to the advancement of the mobile terminal performance.

Basic Technologies for PWB

Ultra Thin Build Up PWB

Build Up PWB for 60GHz

Optional Technologies

Copper Post

Cavity Substrate

Castellation Terminals

Spacer PWB (Multi Layer Substrate + Spacer)

Ni / Pd / Au Copper Bump Solder on Pad

Product Examples

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