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Together with the growth of the cloud computing environment, the role of servers, routers and storage equipment are becoming more crucial in our ubiquitous society. The optimization of signal loss and pulse wave stabilization by our Multilayer printed wiring Boards(MLB) technology is designed to be used for the high-end communications and computing arena. Hitachi Chemical would like to be your global supplier in this space.

Typical Applications

We offer high performance MLB with exceptional quality and reliability based on our vast technological capabilities, experience and industry knowledge in telecommunications, computing and data center solutions.

Image: Specifications and Technology Trend

Specifications and Technology Trend

Suitable for high speed and low loss applications

Item Specifications and Technology Trend
Line/Space I/L (1oz) 60μm/60μm 50μm/50μm
O/L (H oz + Plating) 75μm/85μm 75μm/75μm
Low Profile Copper Roughening Before Hot Press Ra:2~5μm (Bond Film) Ra:1~2μm (Non Etch Type)
Copper Foil Roughness Profile RTF/VLP/HVLP Profile-Free
High Aspect Ratio Copper Plating PTH 16 : 1 18 : 1 20 : 1 25 : 1
BVH 0.9 : 1 1.0 : 1 1.1 : 1
Registration ±100μm ±75μm
Back Drill (Multiple Depth) ±100μm ±75μm
Hole Epoxy Plugging (Selective/Full) PTH・BVH 5.0mm 5.5mm 6.0mm
Low Inductance/High Capacitance (PWR/GND) Faradflex BC24 Faradflex BC12/BC16 C-Ply(BaTiO3)
Discrete Capacitance TDT Method SET2DIL/SPP* Method
Max. Board Thickness (Back Plane) ≦6.0mm ≦6.5mm ≦7.0mm
Sequential Build Capability Thickness for Core I & II ≦ 1.6mm Thickness for Core I & II > 1.6mm
SET2DIL:Single-ended TDR Differential Insertion Loss
SPP:Short Pulse Propagation

Technical Advantages

Our MLB feature the latest low loss technology and Signal Integrity (SI) analysis capability and advanced high layer count with back drill, pad on via and embedded capacitors.


Image: Specifications

SI Analysis -Material Electrical Properties Characterization(TDT/TDR), Loss Measurement (SET2DIL&SPR)-

Simulation capability employing SI analysis to ensure product reliability.

80E10 Sampling Electrical Module : Measure Up to 7ps or 50GHz BW

Insertion Loss Measurement Capability
  • DSA8200 +
    SET2DIL Module (ACCU Prober)
Material Electrical Properties Characterization
  • Extraction of Dk & Df through Propagation & Loss Measurement + Software Conversion
  • SPP Test Vehicle with SMA Connectors
  • CZ2D / Gamma Z Software

Attenuation Loss: with/without Back Drill

Stub Effect on Eye Diagram : 5Gbps (2.5GH)

With Back Drill
Jitter = 15.4ps
Amplitude: 395mV

Without Back Drill
Jitter = 31.9ps
Amplitude: 271mV

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