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Stable electrical performance and high interconnection reliability is a result of the high density and highly efficient layer structure of our Multi Wiring Boards (MWB).
Our hybrid board combines both our MLB and MWB for optimum performance.

Typical Applications

Our high quality, highly reliable MWB technology is employed for probe cards and motherboards.

Specifications and Technology Trend

Our hybrid MWB solution offers an efficient layer structure, increasing the number of nets, and providing a larger wiring space and finer wiring requirement.

Solutions for Increasing Net Count of Probe Card

Specifications of Probe Card

Classifications Item Spec
One Shot Contact Test

(1)Increasing Net Count

Size Φ560mm Φ560mm
Line Width 70μm Φ65μm
  High Density 22 20
Equivalent MLB 50 signal layers
High Layer Count 72 64
Equivalent MLB 114 layers
Board Thickness 7.4mm 7.4mm
High Speed Test Low Resistance 12.0Ω/m 5.3Ω/m
Others Materials for high frequency Stubless structure (Back Drill)

Technical Advantages

Maximum 72 layers for MLB
0.065mm diameter wire for ultra high layer and high density MWB

High Layer MLB

Item Board Thickness
6.3 mm
Board Thickness
7.4 mm
Structures Through Hole,
IVH Stack Up
Through Hole,
IVH Stack Up
Max. Size* 560mm×560mm
Max. Layer Count 18μm Copper Foil 62 72
35μm Copper Foil 46 58
Min. Drill Dia. Φ0.25mm Φ0.30mm
Min. Hole Pitch 0.65mm 0.80mm
Density One Line/ Pins
Characteristic Impedance 50Ω±10%
Others Pad on Via Back Drilling
Please Inform us if product size exceeds 560×560mm

62 Layers
Board Thickness
6.3 mm

72 Layers
7.4 mm

Ultra High Layer & High Density MWB

Item Specification Example
Size Φ520mm
Board Thickness 7.4mm
Drill Dia. SVH Φ0.25mm
TH Φ0.30mm
Aspect Ratio 25
  Wiring Layer 20
IL Cu 42
Number of Layers 64(Equivalent MLB114 Layers)
Wire Dia. Φ65μm
Density SVH 2Line/0.8mm Pin Pitch
PTH* 2Line/1.0mm Pin Pitch
Nets Number on Board 25,000
Wiring specifications of 3 lines/1.0mm can also be produced.

Hybrid Board for Various Specifications

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