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Plastic Film CapacitorsFor SMD

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Available for surface mounting, high performance and reliability.
Superb electric characteristics, especially thermal and frequency performance.
Permissible for reflow at 260C.


  • [MMX,MML Series]
    Case-less space-saving chip capacitors with heat resistance and high-frequency characteristic.

Product Line Chart

picture : Product Line Chart MML-E MML-F

List of For SMD

Series Operating temperature range(°C) Operating voltage Capacitance range(F) Features Major uses
-40 ~ +105(+125) 100, 250 0.01~0.22 For SMD metallized PPS film capacitor, high reliability type Inverter power supply for liquid crystal backlight, etc.
-40 ~ +85(+105) 630 0.01~0.033 For SMD metallized polyester film capacitor, large capacity, high voltage type DSU-type terminal adaptors, etc.
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