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Stationary VRLA batteries for power storage (LL-W)

Image of Stationary VRLA batteries for power storage (LL-W)

VRLA batteries suitable for power storage and compensation use in Wind power, Solar power, other renewable energy plants and smart grid, contributing to power saving and CO2 reduction.

Essential point list

Type LL1500-W-8 LL1500-WS-8
Nominal voltage V 8 8
Rated capacity
(0.1CA discharge capacity)
Ah 1500 1500
Nominal rating capacity Wh 12000 12000
Dimension Height(±3) mm 473 473
Width(±3) mm 799 799
Depth(±3) mm 506 506
Weight(approx.) kg 477 477
Maximum current Discharge A 600 900
Charge A 300 450
Life expectancy* - 17 years 17 years
Operating temperature limits °C 0-40(Recommendation:5-35)
It is the expected value under our recommended using conditions and is not guaranteed.

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