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Battery forklift have replaced conventional forklift (i.e., internal-combustion engine type) as measures for the increasing demand on clean environments in various sites where forklift take an active role, such as factories, distribution centers, warehouses, ports and harbors, airports, etc. The batteries as a driving source of battery forklift are an outcome of integrating a number of superior technologies based on long-time practices and affluent experiences, and still advancing by inheriting these.
Now, we have newly adopted  additives to enhance discharge properties at low temperatures, thereby our conventional traction batteries being reborn


Float mounted water plug

Negative plate
The reacting area has increased by about 20% in comparison with our conventional types, thanks to the new negative electrode additives.
The discharge capacity at low temperature has increased about 10% compared with our previous model.
Positive plate
The glass tube used for the positive plate is made of special glass fibers having superior mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties, thereby contributing to the realization of long life.
The negative plate is equipped with a clean separator made of polymer polyethylene, which elutes a significantly less amount of oil contained therein and thus results in less contamination of electrolyte.
Float mounted water plug
The large diameter type facilitates water refilling.
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