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Liquid EncapsulantsCEL-C Series

Image of CEL-C Series

Hitachi Chemical develops various types of liquid encapsulants along with cutting-edge packaging trend, TCP, COF, FCBGA, wafer level CSP and so on.


  • Excellent moisture resistance & electrical properties.
  • Excellent adhesion to the various types of substrates.
  • Low ionic impurities.
  • Minimum warpage by low CTE.

Features and Characteristics (Typical Values)

Applications Products Features Curing Conditions
TCP CEL-C-5020 It shows excellent film formability and voltage resistance. 120°C/20min+
CEL-C-3900 It is a non-filler type material, excellent impregnation and migration resistance. 120°C/15min+
CEL-C-3720 It shows excellent adhesion in humidity and excellent reflow resistance and thermal cycling resistance by making the CTE meet that of solder bmp. 165°C/2h
WL-CSP CEL-C-7700 It enables to reduce wafer warpage due to low CTE. 130°C/1h+

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