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LOC TapeHM Series

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HM series is die bonding tape for LOC packages. It contains a high heat resistant thermoplastic resin in the adhesive, widely known as an overcoating material for semiconductors. It shows excellent stability and easy handling capability.


  • Bondable in short time with hot-melt type.
  • Low outgassing and impurities guarantee high reliability.
  • High heat resistance and excellent reflow crack resistance.
  • Easy to handle with no adhesiveness at room temperature and excellent stability.

Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit HM-122U HM-122U-FE HM-122U-FG Test condition
Features Standard Low bonding temp. Low bonding temp.
Decomposition temp. °C 400 400 400 TGA
Tg °C 230 185 150 TMA
Elastic modulus MPa 2,600 1,900 2,800 23°C
Temp. °C 300~400 250~350 180~250
Time s 0.3~1 0.3~1 0.3~1
Pressure kg/chip 1~3 1~3 1~3


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