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Map Molding Support TapeRT Series

Image of RT Series

RT series is a supporting tape used in the map molding process of QFN and SON. Attaching on the reverse face of a lead frame, it has achieved no flush burr after molding and high productivity in wire bonding. The applications has been expanded to new packages besides QFN and SON.

Packaging process using RT series (map molding type)



  • Thermoplastic resin with high thermal stability for adhesive layer.
  • Good wire bondability.
  • No flash burr after molding.
  • No Adhesive on a lead frame after detaping.
  • Low adhesiveness of the tape at room temperature achieves no dust attachment.

Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit RT-321 RT-321-CD1
Features Standard Higher adhesion
for Ni/Pd/Au
Bonding temp. °C 200~250 190~250
Detaping temp.* °C 25~200 25~200
Tg °C 220 190
Flash burr after molding None None
Residue after detaping None None
Adhesive strength to Ni/Pd/Au N/m 50 100
Heating is required for some lead frames and epoxy molding compounds.

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