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Procurement Policy - basic thought on procurement activity


Hitachi Chemical Group will offer better products to customers, making the most of materials and related information from the suppliers in global supply chains.


Hitachi Chemical Group will construct close and impartial cooperation, deepening communication with suppliers, making much of mutual understanding and reliable relationship.


Hitachi Chemical Group will fulfill social responsibility, such as "Respect for human rights", "Insurance of workers' safety and sanitary", "Compliance with law and social standard", "Promotion of people's health and safety", "Environment conservation" and so on, through procurement activity.
All suppliers further approach to CSR is also highly expected.

Shared Information and its confidentiality

Hitachi Chemical Group will submit necessary information for business to its suppliers, and will receive it from them in return. Suppliers' information is to be regarded and kept as strictly confidential.

Procurement of the best materials

Hitachi Chemical Group will procure materials which satisfy the request for quality, delivery timing, price level, supply stability and high technology, from the suppliers who furnish the ability of corporation management and products' quality control, together with enforcement of social responsibility.

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