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Purchasing Procedures

The primary procedures involved in completing a purchasing business contract are as follows.

1 Introduction of Materials (Receipt of Application Form)

Your introduction of materials and suggestions are always welcomed by purchasing head office through e-mail. You are very welcome to check out the web page "Recruitment for New Suppliers and New Materials" out since the selection list of what we want to purchase is frequently released to the public on this web site. Please feel free to complete the Application Form if you are interested in introducing materials to us. If you have never had any business dealings with us, please introduce your company profile to us.

2 Study of Materials

We scrutinize your company background and material(s) based on the Application Form you complete. The concrete study executes the following conditions:

  1. 1.Quality, Specifications and Safety of the Material(s)
  2. 2.Price Level of the Material(s)
  3. 3.Delivery Performance
  4. 4.QC Level and Technical Expertise
  5. 5.Management Policy, Corporate Prospect, Management Conditions and Liability

3 Suggestion of Quotations & Quoted Purchase Specifications

In the case where study results match our requirements, please submit the exact quotations.

4 Evaluation of Quoted Prices & Quoted Purchase Specifications

5 Sample Order

In the case where the above conditions match our requirements, we will place an order for material sample(s).

6 Sample Evaluation

All samples are tested at our quality assurance department.

7 Negotiation of Business Conditions

In the case where the quality evaluation is passed, we will definitely negotiate conditions such as payment terms, purchase specifications and delivery date.

8 Ratification of Business Contract

In the case where the negotiation results match our requirements, we will definitely ratify a business agreement. (The business agreement, in principle, is supposed to ratify based on our prescribed written business contract.)

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