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Supporting Cultural, Artistic, Academic and Sporting Endeavors

The Hitachi Chemical Group engages in activities that support the promotion of culture, the arts, academic pursuits, and sports across a wide range of venues both in Japan and overseas.

The Hitachi Chemical Group provides academic support to universities and research organizations, and accepts interns from organizations in Japan and overseas. The Group has also established a scholarship program to assist students attending among others Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, University of Oxford (Britain), and donates to the Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST) for Africa to provide educational funding for African students.

Hitachi Chemical has provided the Hitachi Chemical Europe Environmental Change and Management Scholarship since 2013 for international students studying environment change and management at Oxford University's Linacre College. The program is designed to foster environmental change and management specialists who will contribute widely to environmental protection and socioeconomic development in their own countries after graduation.

The Hitachi Chemical Group supports regional sporting events and holds sports classes for young children. Members of our table tennis club hold classes for junior high school students in Hitachi City. We also support junior soccer tournaments in Chikusei City and Yuki City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Starting in fiscal year 2013, volunteer staff among our employees now support badminton tournaments for people with disabilities in Chiba Prefecture.

Tsudoi Ibaraki Badminton for People with Disabilities
Tsudoi Ibaraki Badminton for People with Disabilities

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